Lin.Self.Portrait: gegužės 2012

2012 m. gegužės 27 d., sekmadienis

What if ?

Second semester in Porto is going to the end..I already had one deliver from drawing class. I feel sad because of that. I will need to say good bye for a lot of amazing people I met here. It was so nice to see their faces everyday, say hello or just smile, because it's so nice to see them and they already became a part of my life ..Also for my lovely college ESAD where I felt and still I'm feeling soo good, Porto.. damn.I'm in love with Porto..Maybe not good bye just SEE U soon.

  But at the same time I'm waiting that like crazy, because it will be a new chapter of my life, with new place, new people and new feelings in my heart..  till I will go home. It's reality.

 But for now I still have time to live in this dream.

so Let it go.

Drawing class deliver


 What if everything that happens, everything that has happened, and everything that will happen is exactly what had to happen, is happening and needs to happen for you..?

 my daily coffee :

Best wishes, Lina

2012 m. gegužės 22 d., antradienis


If u want to be happy u have to create those moments and don't wait  for them..don't let for no one destroy them. It's your live your life and be free without thinking to much, because thinking too much is a way to destroy your present happiness by your self.

Let it GO.


 love it.


2012 m. gegužės 14 d., pirmadienis

Queima das Fitas Porto 2012

 The Queima das Fitas is a traditional festivity of the students of  Portuguese universities, organized originally by the students of the University of Coimbra.

But simply it's just one more amazing Portuguese students tradition. Everyday full of activities with final concert at Queimadromo and bars of each university or college. 

My choice was Steve Aoki, Cosmo Klein and Buraka Son Sistema concert.
 Was a pleasure to be a part of that spree madness.


Portuguese know how to celebrate.

And this is how I spent that free week:

Dinner after rainy day.

Beach time.Finally.

 Lithuanian dinner with CEPELINAI.

 Buraka som sitema concert and the last night of Queima.




One more song for good memories.

Now just need to find strength to star working. 
One month left. 

Beijinho, Lina