Lin.Self.Portrait: birželio 2012

2012 m. birželio 17 d., sekmadienis

O Mercado Porto 16-06-12

 ...6 days till my 21 b-day ..
 This year it will be totally different .Place, people. Can't wait.

   Great afternoon in Porto market, special for S.Joao.

17 € and happy me ((((;

P.S  found one more person who born in the same day like me. heh. 
Juancho, wishes for u !

kisses, Lina

2012 m. birželio 3 d., sekmadienis

Memories from final year at school

 Seams like it was yesterday..but already two years past.
Just amazing to remember.

100 days till exams..

 12 A

probably the best party I can remember. heh.

 Last bell



It was VERY good at school, but.. I think  to be student is the best thing in the world. 
And specially international student.

Best wishes, Lina