Lin.Self.Portrait: rugsėjo 2012

2012 m. rugsėjo 30 d., sekmadienis

Maybelline New York - Smoky Eyes Look.

Do u how to create sparky glamorous Smoky Eyes Look by yourself ? Now it is very easy !
With big pleasure I would like to present new products from Maybelline New York. It's new mascara "Maybelline New York Colossal Smoky Eyes"( black, navy, brown) and shadow-pencil "Maybelline New York Master Smoky" (black, navy, brown, grey).

 I already had pleasure to try these new product. And I can say that Maybelline truly satisfied all my needs. I started to use Maybelline mascara around two years ago .From that time it became one of the main things in my Must Have list every season.

 So, here it is - my latest photo-shoot inspired by Maybelline Smokey Eyes Look.

 Aaaaand  I would like to say biiig BIG THANKS to one young and perspective photographer 
Vika Buklaveja for this foto-shoot. Check her page HERE and enjoy.

 I hope u gonna like it.

This autumn I fell in love with dark leather, fur and velvet.

with love, Lin.

2012 m. rugsėjo 27 d., ketvirtadienis

Pink sunlight

Dare to do things that u never thought u are able to do.
At least try.



 see u next summer ,my lovely pink skirt

P.S   Coming soon post about new in MAYBELLINE. U will love it !

kisses, Lina

2012 m. rugsėjo 24 d., pirmadienis

Autumn IN

I can honestly say that I hate late autumn, winter and coldness. It's even harder now after all year that I spend in Portugal. But this autumn in Lithuania surprised me with sunny and quite warmth days. Good weather means good mood. I think everybody agree with that, so am I.

...and on the other hand I can't wait for Christmas. Big step closer and closer to my dream come true.

 Latest looks.
 Green and brown colors in my wardrobe.

My travel bag. Present from my mother.

My home town - Jonava train station.

with love, Lin.

2012 m. rugsėjo 11 d., antradienis

daily reflection

 ...probably the last such a warmth days of the autumn.

Enjoy it while u can.

                    New in: silver vest



2012 m. rugsėjo 6 d., ketvirtadienis

Blogerių blusturgis

Jau kitą savaitgalį !

Jau prieš gerą savaitę išnaršiau tiek savo, tiek savo mamos spintas. Kadangi abi esam didelės suknelių myletojos, sunkelė- pagrindinė mano prekė. 

Galbūt tai puiki proga pasiruošti artėjančiam žiemos švenčių sezonui ? O gal ir kitai vasarai ?

Aš ir dar 14lika kitų blogerių lauksime jūsų rugsėjo 16 dieną
Mokytojų namų kiemelyje nuo 12 valandos.

Iki pasimatymo !;)


2012 m. rugsėjo 3 d., pirmadienis

Hello, Vilnius

Here it is..
The last study year just started.


 at Coco