Lin.Self.Portrait: liepos 2014

2014 m. liepos 12 d., šeštadienis

Lace in The Wind

Days became so hot lately that it's even difficult to sleep during the night. 
However, I do love the hot weather..long and warmth summer nights. 
What can be better ?


Sandals (my favorite ones lately) - Oh La La
Dress - second hand
Basket - coming up soon
Hat - local store


                                                                     with love, Lina

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2014 m. liepos 8 d., antradienis

Travel diary - FRANCE

22 hours spent in France, Beauvais, on the way to Lithuania. 

Very cozy, colorful  town with beautiful cathedral and friendly people in it.
We had one really crazy night there and had a chance to meet amazing people.

I recommend to visit.

22 valandos praleistos Prancūzijoje, Bovė, laukiant sekančio skrydžio į Lietuvą.

 Mano akimis tai be galo jaukus, spalvingas miestelis su įspūdinga katedra ir itin draugiškais žmonėmis.
Bovė praleidom išties beprotišką naktį su daugybe nuotykių ir susipažinom su nuostabiais žmonėmis.

Rekomenduoju aplankyti.

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2014 m. liepos 6 d., sekmadienis

23th B-DAY

I wasn't sure if it is the right pictures for the new post of my blog..but why not ? 
My boyfriend captured it on my 23th birthday lunch with my family. These holidays were not about taking pictures of my looks and trying to show something new, it was the quality time with my family and friends. That's the reason why I have only a few which I can show on the blog.

Besides, I can't remember celebrating my birthday on such a cold summer day.
Despite that it was one long PERFECT day with the people I love most.


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